Black male ‘racist’ Sucker PunchJump to Last Post 1 6 of 6 discussions (22 posts)Elderly white male socked in the faceBaltimore:: White male knocked to the ground and his clothes stripped offNote: this video has been doctored by the Network news they don’t show his clothes being stripped off by a back male and black female. You can google it and find the whole racist attack. If you hv the stomach for it.Elderly Blind lady beat up on a busThe “infamous’ set up line: Hermes Birkin Replica Yo, you got any change?” POW! SUCKER PUNCHThe ‘knockdown’ Game: MURDER (14 year old arrested and charged with murder (for punch in the face)I have many more of these racist attacks.

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A Bloom Landscaping é uma empresa de construção e manutenção de jardins sediada no Algarve.

Actua principalmente na zona do Triângulo Dourado (Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo), mas também nos concelhos de Loulé, Faro, Olhão e Albufeira.

Bloom Landscaping

E.N. 125 - Km 96, Torre - Sitio do Além,

Cx: 423-A

8135-029 Almancil

Bloom Landscaping