Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileSAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) Now that cannabis is legal San Francisco, voters will be deciding just how much those businesses should be paying in taxes.In a week and a half, San Francisco voters will be deciding on Prop D, whether or not to tax some of the city largest cannabis businesses in the city, those bringing in more than $500,000 per year on top of the regular 8.75% sales tax.”They still paying taxes in Alameda County, and they still doing business in Alameda County. They still paying taxes in LA County, and in other parts of the state of California. So, for what reason would San Francisco not tax this business?” asked Cohen.But, the proposition is facing opposition, including some of the city cannabis businesses.

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A Bloom Landscaping é uma empresa de construção e manutenção de jardins sediada no Algarve.

Actua principalmente na zona do Triângulo Dourado (Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo), mas também nos concelhos de Loulé, Faro, Olhão e Albufeira.

Bloom Landscaping

E.N. 125 - Km 96, Torre - Sitio do Além,

Cx: 423-A

8135-029 Almancil

Bloom Landscaping