Challenger micro vod review of gold janna

Been watching about canada goose jacket outlet toronto half an hour now and while there is some good content, you take much too long to get to it. You tend to ramble a bit and repeat yourself quite a lot.In the CS portion, you took, like, 4 minutes to talk about Sivir runes, which while is informative, isn a 4 minute section, it should be a quick statement, not a focus. The section about the first wave should also be a lot shorter, you repeated yourself quite a few times when saying that the Janna should have auto attacked differently.It a relevant point and a good one, but not a 10 section.The second section is the Vi gank, something that canada goose outlet price also took about 10 minutes when you could have done it in 5. You rewound the replay a canada goose outlet germany few times, but almost every time all you did was say the same point, which was the failure on positioning, timing and ability usage.The ideal way to go about this section would be to canada goose outlet store uk rewind the video a few times, slowed down, each time focusing on one or two of those aspects.The criticisms of the third section are the same as the two above, canada goose kensington parka uk you make a good, salient point but say the same thing again and again while not adding much new content canada goose jacket outlet store to it.I think that with some prep work, prewatching the VoDs and jotting down time stamps of important moments and the outline of what you want to say during those points would fix the problems.All of this criticism aside, the video is a good start, looking forward to more. The canada goose sale uk majority of the easily digestible content here is just bad. Sure it only takes a minute or two but you get nothing from it. This is what it canada goose outlet in canada actually takes to look at your play thoroughly and go through every canada goose outlet england possibility in every little thing. Actually, the canada goose outlet website legit one thing I didn like was not pointing out the shield at 4:16 when sivir and ashe canada goose outlet buffalo didnt auto each other, especially with bad adcs you have to wait until the auto is in canada goose outlet online the air. The point is that it is important to point out people mistakes and stress the importance. It is not okay to sit and linger on the same point, saying the same thing (in the same way!) over and over, back to back for multiple minutes. It a waste of time, loses the listeners interest and fails to give a good presentation when you cheap canada goose jackets open up on one point. You lost me so early on because the first 8 minutes were you saying the same thing over and over again. If this was a paid lesson for a set period of time, I have canada goose jacket outlet uk asked for my money canada goose premium outlet back lol.Sorry if this is harsh. You asked for criticism and I will tell people what I think if they ask for it. I figured this would be informative for me since I play janna sometimes in normals. A few things I noted:You do make some good points but you take too long to get to themYou repeat yourself a lotYou ramble at times about inconsequential things for the audienceI watched the video expecting a close examination of the Janna player and her gameplay. Instead, I got several haphazard thoughts with some insightful nuggets.The video seemed very directionless and lacked focus. Consider your audience. You spent time talking about Sivir runes, your volume, the video being bugged, the Taric making questionable decisions, and “retarded” league of legends plays. (Offhandedly, I would consider your use of language while making videos in the future. If you are trying to maximize your audience, I would try to avoid frequently using any language that an audience member could take offense to such as swear words, slurs, rape, etc.).Your audience is probably canada goose outlet parka a support player or someone that plays canada goose outlet shop Janna a lot. But you spent very little time talking about Janna actions!I watched about 20 minutes of the video, but it was pretty difficult to get through.The goose outlet canada next time you spectate someone, pick out a narrow set of actions/segments that you think will help your audience.For example, instead of analyzing the entire game, pick out 3 5 parts in the gameplay to dissect. They can be critical turning points in the game, instances where the Janna made a good play (or a bad one), and maybe a habit they have. While some things may be intuitive to you, they are not to the audience. Say you notice that the Janna shields the tower instead of shielding her ADC too often, or she shields the wrong teammate in fights too frequently, then make it a point to discuss the Janna mistake so that the audience won make it so often.Each game is unique, but I would try to pick out segments that can be broadly generalized to the support/janna audience so that they canada goose parka outlet uk apply their knowledge to difference scenarios.When you do the next video you should consider “What are the 3(4, or 5) things I want my audience to understand/learn?” Structure your video around those objectives.

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